Glow Shows

I was delighted to be able to perform my LED Glow Juggling Shows at Chatsworth House this weekend as part of their Bonfire Night celebrations. There was a great atmosphere and the dark environment meant that the glow props were all very visually effective. The shows (and the fireworks!) were well received by the thousands in attendance.

“He’s doing what???”

This is one of my favourite ever quotes resulting from one of my shows! I recently had the pleasure of performing to a wonderful crowd at a Disability Sheffield Launch Event. It was a novel experience as the show was being audio-described to a blind person in the audience. “He’s doing what???” was her wonderful reaction to the description of the final trick in my act! Juggling is often perceived as a very visual discipline but it’s great that the spoken comedy and images from the show can still make an impact on those who cannot experience it in every dimension. Many thanks to Disability Sheffield for having me.

Sandwich Circus

Today, for the second year running I had the privilege of drawing in the crowds at Sandwich Circus. Accompanied by aerialists and acrobats, I performed my Cube Manipulation act followed by an interactive Rolla Bolla and Juggling Show. Both shows rocked the audience and it was great to see the crowds gather in the shopping centre environment as the routine approached its finale!

Middle East Shows

It’s been a great three days performing in North Wales and now off down to London to catch a flight to the Middle East for more comedy juggling and glow shows. Back in the UK soon folks!