Corporate Entertainment

Will your clients, employees or prospects remember your event by next year? Make sure they do, by treating them to World Record Breaking Entertainment.

Outside of the “board” room when it’s time to wow your clients, employees or business prospects with something special, don’t leave them “bored” with the typical elevator music in the background. Allow them to experience a first-rate juggling and circus act that has been performed near and far at many corporate events and special promotions.

Chris can help your professional brand get on top by customising the performance to suit your corporate event. Perhaps you want to convey a particular message? Or even include your CEO in the act? Simply send an enquiry to get the ball rolling.

From corporate dinners and fundraisers to trade shows and conferences; Chris offers a superior performance that your team will be talking about around the water cooler for weeks to come.

You can expect a collaborative approach in the planning of your event and the understanding that this is really your show. Chris will work with you to ensure that your entertainment is delivered in style.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to do something different. Embrace the possibilities and book now!

“Thank you again for an amazing show last week. They are still talking about it and commenting.”
Bebelac Conference

Cabarets and Cruises

CM50Treat your guests to an overload of fun with a superior comedy juggling and speciality circus performance.

Are you looking for distinctive entertainment for a cabaret, cruise or other type of venture? World Record Breaking juggler Chris Marley will help you to make that noticeable difference with a one-of-a-kind, humorous and enlightening comedy juggling act that is guaranteed to tease and please.

This is an interactive show, so there will be no sitting back and letting your mind wander, ensuring that the audience remembers your cabaret even after the curtain has fallen.

Making your guests laugh, one juggling club at a time!

“Terrifying but entertaining!”
Mad March Cabaret

Trade Shows and Promotions

Do you want to pack your trade show booth or exhibition stand, instantly attracting more clients?

What if more prospects actually remembered and acted upon their dynamic discussions with your convention team? All this and more is possible when you hire UK trade show entertainer Chris Marley to bring your booth to life on the exhibition floor.

Many years of interacting with clients at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and conventions result in your prospects receiving the ideal entertainment experience to prime them for discussions with your team. If you so desire, you can even have the performance strategically incorporate your product, service or message.

Get in touch if one of these entertainment ideas appeals to you.

  • Maybe Chris can juggle or balance your product, meaning that your latest development or innovation takes centre stage at the exhibition.
  • Your prospects will remember you if you leave them with a new skill, so why not invite them to learn to juggle at your convention stand?
  • Are you trying to combine or balance many features with your product or service? Let Chris convey this message with some of his intriguing multi-tasking tricks.
  • Or simply customise a short, action-packed show to really draw attention to your trade show booth.

The possibilities are endless and Chris will work with you to make your idea happen… LIVE … sealing the deal with any prospect!

“You’ve even got our competitors looking.
Wounds UK Conference

Weddings and Private Parties

CM2A party is just another party until you make it exceptional.

Planning a wedding reception, birthday bash or any other type of party? Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more imaginative than the typical wedding reception activities?

Whatever your celebration, kick off your party in style with the excitement of live entertainer Chris Marley, whose smile alone will get your guests laughing and enjoying the chance to be there.

From impressively meeting and greeting your guests with some fire entertainment, to taking the stage for a crowd-pleasing glow show, you can expect quality entertainment that your audience is bound to remember.

For more than a decade, Chris has been living his lifelong pursuit of entertaining and delighting people with his innovative performances. Whatever your event, he will be sure to work hand in hand with you or your event planner to ensure a memorable experience is had by all.

Make sure your party is unlike any other. Get in touch now.

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful performance that we got on Saturday!”